Tutor Program Goals

1. Provide elementary students with one on one assistance in reading and math.

2. Provide positive role models for children in elementary schools.

3. Provide necessary financial assistance to tutoring students for their continuing education in elementary, high school or college.

4. Develop effective benchmarking system to determine most effective methodology for tutoring students.

5. Charge a token fee for tutored students or their families, to assist in administration of the program.

6. Develop leadership skills for selected tutors.

Tutor Program Plan

1. Select students whom exhibit necessary skills and attitudes to tutor.

2. Train selected tutoring students. Partners in Education as well as many other organizations in the area are currently operating parallel programs and would be willing to participate.

3. Compensate tutors at $7 to $10/hour. This remuneration would be used to finance continued education.

4. Charge tutees a token fee of $1 to $2 per hour. These funds would be used to administer the program. Participation in fund raising activities could be available to offset fee payment. Bake sales, car washes, raffles, dinner auctions etc., could be instituted for this purpose.

5. Benchmarking of tutored students progress in proficiency tests could be used to bonus tutors an additional monetary reward, of 10% to 20%.

Tutor Program Beneficiaries

Tutors – Reinforce learned academic principles, develop leadership skills and invest in their future.

Tutees – Improve academically and are provided positive role models.

Academic Institution – Has another tuition resource, incrementally improves its student bodies education and leadership skills.

Families – of the tutors and tutees provide added motivation for their children to perform academically and receive indirect financial assistance.