Assistance DogsAssistant dog trainers carefully select and train dogs to assist with tasks that allow their partners to lead lives of greater independence. These tasks might include retrieving dropped objects, opening doors, retrieving an emergency telephone, alerting a person who is hard of hearing to sounds, and much more. These dogs can also help diminish depression, anxiety and loneliness by providing unconditional love and companionship.

Assistance dog training can cost $5,000+ per dog.

The Makulinski Family Foundation matches donations to a local assistance dog program. This program allows for professional trainers to train assistance dogs and then offer the trained assistance dogs to clients at no charge. See our success stories below.


Martins Ferry Middle School Students Meet Special Service Dog
Posted: Oct 04, 2014 7:25 PM EDT
By Tate Blanchard
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“MARTINS FERRY, Ohio –Students at one local middle school will soon have a new classmate – a service dog.

On Wednesday, students at Martins Ferry Middle School were introduced to “Jackson.” He is a new service dog who has been bonding with Kelsi Weaver. Kelsi is a seventh grader at the school with special mobility needs due to cerebral palsy…..” Read More at

The Best of Friends
Kelsi & Jackson
(The Ability Center – Success Story)

“Seventh grader Kelsi lives in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio with her grandparents, Donna and Roger. Like many thirteen-year-old girls, she is involved with cheerleading, having fun with friends, reading, playing on her iPod, swimming and horseback riding. Unlike most girls her age, Kelsi lives with Cerebral Palsy….” read more (.pdf)

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo – Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence (ADAI)

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