The Makulinski Family Foundation (MFF)

The Makulinski Family Foundation is committed to creating long-lasting investments in the community and bases grant funding on the success of each charity.

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Since its creation, the Makulinski Family Foundation has worked to create persistent change in our communities of Greenville and Toledo as well as internationally. In order to maximize the impact of donations and grants, MFF will match investments in either time or treasure. (match(s) range from a 10 to 1 to a 1 to 2 depending on the perceived affluence of the beneficiaries.)

The Makulinski Family Foundation is proud of our work in Greenville, Toledo, and abroad and will be more than happy to take all proposals under consideration.

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Honorary Chairman, Mark Makulinski

Mark is past chairman and former owner of Lockrey Manufacturing.  Mark sold the business to his employees through an ESOP in 2016, at which time he and his wife, Rosemary, relocated to Greenville, South Carolina.

Mark was born in Flint, MI and graduated from General Motors Institute.  He worked at General Motors as a process engineer and at Bunting Bearings LLC as an Engineering Manager before purchasing Lockrey Manufacturing.

Mark leads by example as he:

  • Serves with merit and distinction
  • Develops acquaintances as an opportunity for service while leading by example
  • Displays high ethical standards in his business & profession
  • Advances the ideal of services through his participation and leadership
  • Promotes worldwide understanding, goodwill & peace
  • Has established a reputation for business and professional ethics, serving others in charitable, educational cultural & business leadership roles


During his ten-year membership in the Rotary Club of Toledo, Mark has been an active participant, as he:

  • Chaired the Red Cross Blood Drive and introduced our Club members to his first ‘match’ idea
  • Served as a Club Board Director
  • Served as ITZA Ball sponsor in 2011, 2015 and as presenting sponsor in 2018 through the MFF
  • Served as Toledo Rotary Club Foundation Annual Campaign Chairman
  • Served as Community Services Chairman
  • Served as Youth Services Committee Chairman
  • Served as MESA Club Advocate, increasing member ridership in annual MESA fundraising bike rides
  • Created and presented a Polio Plus Match, resulting in a major contribution to Polio Plus
  • Created and presented a Shelter Box Match, resulting in a major contribution to Shelter Box
  • Supported scholarship funding for high school students to attend the Club’s 2015 Water Conference
  • Created and presented our Club’s two March Matchness events, resulting in increased awareness and member contributions to the Club’s Foundation from 52% to 78% of members
  • Has achieved multiple Paul Harris Fellows
  • Was a Major Donor to the Rotary International Foundation, becoming a member of the Arch Klumph Society
  • Was a Major Donor to the Toledo Rotary Club Foundation
  • Has always shared his time, talent and treasures for the benefit of others
  • Exhibited personal qualities of idealism and selflessness
  • Funded the Rotary Club of Toledo website
  • Was a member of the Toledo Rotary Club Foundation Centennial Society
  • Was a 2015 Bowling Champion through the Toledo Rotary Bowling Fellowship


Mark and his wife Rosemary have three children, Jennifer, David, and Robert.  Mark remains active in Rotary, serving as the current President of The Rotary Club of the Foothills, Travelers Rest.